Gallery Wall Set Fashion

  • €328,90

SAVE 10% by buying this complete fashion inspired gallery wall set, featuring bold eye catching vogue image, stripy fashion art, pretty lace underwear illustration, soft creamy typography print and inky world map print. Against a soft neutral green coloured wall background, the creams, whites and blacks are accentuated to create an elegant feature wall. Free shipping!

You will receive a total of 5 framed prints ready to hang:

1 x 30x40cm
3 x 45x60cm
1 x 60x80cm

Vogue Fancy Pants cream (60x80cm)
Stripy Hat cream (45x60cm)
Creme de la Creme (45x60cm)
Beauty Begins Underneath (45x60cm)
World Map monochrome (30x40cm)

PAPER: All our prints are printed on 200g uncoated, premium matt paper. The paper is also age-resistant and has a non-reflective matte finish with a high-quality feel.

FRAMES: Acrylic Plexiglass is used and provides increased UV protection, is extremely robust and offers less glare than float glass. 
All frames are delivered ready for hanging directly on your walls.